Offscreen joins the growing Nokia Store 100 million downloads club (Featured Video)

Harri Myllynen, CEO at Offscreen Technologies, talks about the success this Finnish developer has found for its mobile games, utilities, media, entertainment, and internet apps through Nokia Store.

The team behind Offscreen started creating apps in 2003 and formed the company in 2005 as the interest in smartphones grew. They now employ 16 people in Helsinki and Shanghai.

While the range of apps the company has created is wide, they have learnt that simple apps can be the most successful — as exemplified by their Bright Light app, which turns on a phone’s flash LED to act as a torch. ‘It’s still the most downloaded application of ours. It took about six hours to develop including the graphic design, yet it’s so popular,’ says Harri.

In addition, by making their apps available for free, according to Harri, they see an immediate 100-fold increase in downloads. Offscreen then uses in-app advertising or in-app purchasing to monetise these apps — with half the company’s application revenue coming from in-app advertising.

“We are very pleased to be working with Nokia, with the reach that Nokia Store offers to almost 200 countries,” says Harri. ‘And the whole team felt really proud and happy when we reached 100 million downloads.’

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